Upcoming symposia

"Crossing over to the future: Interdisciplinarity in research and higher education"
Wenner-Gren Center - Stockholm
May 18-20, 2017
Organizing Committee: The Academia Europaea; Milena Zic Fuchs, Erik De Corte, Lars Engwall, Svend Erik Larsen and Bert Weckhuysen.

"Planetary atmospheres: on Earth, in the solar system, and on exoplanets"
Wenner-Gren Center - Stockholm
June 14-17, 2017
Organizing Committee: Lennart Bengtsson, Alexis Brandeker, Markus Janson and Michael Way.

"Knowledge resistance and how to cure it"
Wenner-Gren Center - Stockholm
September 6-9, 2017
Organizing Committee: Arne Jarrick, Dan Larhammar and Åsa Wikforss.

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